The Complete Traveler's Guide to Dhiffushi Island: Tips and Recommendations


The Complete Traveler's Guide to Dhiffushi Island: Tips and Recommendations

The 1,192 islands that make up the Maldives. It also contains more than 200 different kinds of hard corals and makes up 3.14% of the global reef area. The nation is a great travel destination because of its year-round tropical climate, which is guaranteed by its north-central location in the Indian Ocean.

Furthermore, being an archipelago isolated from any mainland, it's a picture-perfect, far-off getaway full of exceptional beauty and total tranquility.

The Maldives is usually thought of as a place for upscale luxury. Unbelievably lavish accommodations are available at any of the nation's numerous private island resorts. But these days, there are more options for vacationing in the Maldives.

On public islands, the Maldivian government opened up permission for locally owned hotels and guesthouses to be built and run in 2009. As a result, tourists can now reserve vacations on inhabited islands to make inexpensive trips to the Maldives.

They can still enjoy the breathtaking atolls, stunning marine life, and the allure of the islands' unparalleled natural beauty while they're there. Travelers also have the opportunity to experience the genuine hospitality and culture of the Maldives.

Dhiffushi is one such public island with white sand beaches and a wealth of plants and animals.

About Dhiffushi

Dhiffushi is in Kaafu Atoll, 36.6 kilometers east of Malé. The two main industries that the people of the island depend on for their income are tourism and fishing.

In addition, Dhiffushi has the earliest sunrise in the nation because it is the most easternly inhabited island in the Maldives. The island is 900 by 200 meters in size and has about 1200 inhabitants. It is especially well-liked by tourists who want warm weather and clear blue waters.

The house reef and lagoon on the island are genuinely amazing. They are perfect for snorkeling excursions because they are over ten kilometers long and teeming with colorful coral species and vibrant marine life.

Dhiffushi island

A mosque, school, health facility, gift shops, watersports centers, a number of cafes, and hotels are among the island's amenities. Like Whim, these grocery stores rank among the best of all inhabited islands. Even more intriguing, a stroll around the island offers a glimpse into the way of life of the locals, as evidenced by the joalis—traditional Maldivian hammocks—

that line the streets. Dhiffushi's residents take pride in maintaining a tidy environment, which means there is hardly any trash on the island. Additionally, Dhiffushi now has an ATM operated by Bank of Maldives on the island. Nonetheless, the majority of businesses also take US dollars or credit cards in addition to Maldivian Rufiyaa. Refilling ATMs on public islands is not always consistent, so it's still a good idea to take out cash before departing Malé.

The Complete Traveler's Guide to Dhiffushi Island: Tips and Recommendations

How to reach Dhiffushi

The Velana International Airport offers three routes to Dhiffushi. Depending on your arrival time and budget, you can choose from any of the following:

Public Ferry

The least expensive option is to take the MTCC public ferry, where a ticket only costs $2 per person. The Villingili ferry terminal is where the boat departs from. It is a comparatively slow mode of transportation that travels to Dhiffushi via three additional islands in the South Malé atoll.

The ferry leaves from Malé at 2:30 PM, five days a week, and the trip from the capital takes approximately three hours and fifteen minutes. At 06:30 AM, the return ferry departs Dhiffushi. There are two days that the ferry does not run on this route: Monday and Friday.

Scheduled Speedboat

Scheduled speedboats, operated by Mee Altec Express, don't make stops at various islands, cutting the total trip time to 45 minutes one way. The boat departs at 11:30 AM, 4:30 PM, and 10:30 PM from Malé's jetty number 7.

The speedboat departs Dhiffushi at 7:30 AM, 01:30 PM, and 05:45 PM and returns to Malé. On Fridays, departure times for Malé are 08:30 AM and 10:30 PM, and departure times for Dhiffushi are 07:00 AM and 05:45 PM. $35 is the price per passenger.

Private Speedboat

Travelers can rent a private speedboat for more privacy and better accommodations during their stay. The cost of the one-way trip is $300, which covers the transfer of up to six people.

How to get about Dhiffushi

It is hardly a kilometer to walk from one end of the island to the other. It will therefore take no more than thirty minutes to travel the whole length of Dhiffushi's coastline. There is a single road encircling the island, and smaller ones divide it into different areas. As a result, the majority of visitors here like to stroll and take their time exploring the island. On the other hand, shared golf buggies and two-wheeler rentals are also options.

The Complete Traveler's Guide to Dhiffushi Island: Tips and Recommendations

Things to do in Dhiffushi

In addition to being a center for water sports, Dhiffushi provides a variety of leisurely and exciting tourist activities. Some of the top activities in Dhiffushi are as follows:

Taking it easy on the shore

Dhiffushi has three beaches with white sand, in contrast to other islands in the South Malé atoll. One of the best party resorts in the Maldives, the private Meeru Resort, can be seen clearly from the beach on the island's northernmost point, which is dotted with lounge chairs and parasols. There are signs prohibiting immodest clothing, but the rules are fairly lax, and you are allowed to wear bikinis.

The southwest beach features sunbeds, overwater hammocks, and little bamboo huts with little to no crowds. In addition, locals frequently visit the open east beach, which is surrounded by a number of palm trees. Remember to dress conservatively when visiting this beach.

The Complete Traveler's Guide to Dhiffushi Island: Tips and Recommendations

Snorkeling and fishing at night

Dhiffushi offers a lot of shallow reefs, making fishing there quite simple. A number of guesthouses provide fishing packages in which the guide explains how to use various fishing tools, such as hooks, bait, lines, and sinkers.

In addition, you can ask your host to set up a grill and prepare any fish you catch on the trip. When the boat departs in the evening, visitors have the opportunity to see the sunset's golden hour.

Snorkeling at night is another unusual activity available in Dhiffushi. Without any prior scuba diving experience, this is a great way to see nocturnal aquatic life and is quite easy to arrange through guesthouses in Dhiffushi. It is imperative that you go into the water with a local guide and never attempt night snorkeling on your own.

The Complete Traveler's Guide to Dhiffushi Island: Tips and Recommendations

Sandbank picnics

You can take a quick day trip to a sandbank and go swimming there, depending on the tides. With one of the largest lagoons in the Maldives on the island, there are plenty of sandbanks in the area. In addition to providing essentials like beach towels and umbrellas, guesthouses and hotels in Dhiffushi can plan a picnic on the sandbank.

Visit to Thulusdhoo Island for a Day
The capital of Kaafu Atoll is Thulusdhoo.

is a nearby small island that visitors can travel to by public ferry. On the same day, you can depart for Thulusdhoo at 06:30 AM and return by 05:30 PM. The island is well-known for its dolphin cruises, surfing, and the only Coca-Cola plant in the world that makes the beverage with desalinated water. Don't pass up the chance to spend a day at Thulusdhoo because it has a different vibe than Dhiffushi.  

Diving for Scuba

Beginners and amateurs alike can take advantage of the formation of a staircase thanks to the three PADI centers on the island. The West Rock Wreck is a ship that was purposefully sunk to encourage the growth of wildlife and plants. Divers can see fish like clownfish, manta rays, and white-tip reef sharks here.

Places to eat in Dhiffushi

Places to eat in Dhiffushi

Dhiffushi is a popular tourist destination with lots of cafes and restaurants offering affordable international cuisine. Even though you can get comfort food favorites like pizza and pasta here, you should also try the fresh seafood and traditional Maldivian dishes.

Restaurant Aaroa

The Araamu Holidays & Spa resort's on-site restaurant, Aaroa, is situated close to the east beach. Its large dining room serves buffets of regional and international food and is accessible to outside guests. Moreover, a live BBQ station serves appetizers for diners to select from. Open for breakfast; for a hearty start to the day, try their eggs benedict or the Maldivian roshi and fish curry.

Sand Grill Restaurant

The Crown Hotel's Sand Grill Restaurant is a dependable place to get seafood dishes prepared in Sri Lankan, American, and Indian styles. Among the palm trees, guests can choose to sit by the beach here, with little lamps placed on the tables. Steamed rice with grilled reef fish, cheese macaroni, hot tuna spaghetti prepared in the Maldives style, and chicken sandwiches are a few well-known foods to sample.

Cafe 420

Cafe 420 is a small restaurant that offers unhindered views of North Beach and serves seafood, classic Mediterranean dishes, and Asian cuisine. The menu offers a number of dishes, such as tuna fried rice with fresh vegetables and egg and grilled wahoo steak served with garden salad. On nice days, you can lounge on the sand or take a seat at the terrace's non-alcoholic bar. Part of the Dhiffushi Watersports Center is Cafe 420, where visitors can rent kayaks or sign up for jet ski excursions.

The Kettle

Renowned for its Indian and Italian cuisine, The Kettle is a petite café located near the shore. Here, customers have the choice of indoor or beachside private dining options. Goan fish curry, chicken fried rice, and Alfredo chicken pasta are a few of the best-selling main courses. Moreover, they feature an outdoor area with an improvised Maldivian boat and bonfire that invites diners to congregate for a musical evening.

Theveli View Cafe

Theveli View Cafe is a stylish restaurant in the eastern beach area of the Araamu Resort. With a focus on comfort food, the menu offers a wide variety of snack options, including paninis, wraps, sandwiches, and burgers. Furthermore, the cafe features a flat-screen LED-equipped shisha lounge, making it a well-liked gathering place for people to watch sports on television.

Best hotels and guesthouses in Dhiffushi

Best hotels and guesthouses in Dhiffushi

There can be wide variations in the accommodations that are offered on public islands. Some locations have multiple hotels, while others only have a small number of lodging options. Dhiffushi belongs to the first group.

Furthermore, there is a good variety of guesthouses in Dhiffushi, ranging from cozy to slightly opulent. Even so, a great place to stay—often right next to the beach—can be had for between $30 and $75 per night, including breakfast. 

Beach House Dhiffushi

With twelve rooms—six facing the sea and the remaining six toward the interior—Beach House Dhiffushi is located next to the beach. Situated close to a watersports center and featuring an on-site restaurant, this guesthouse is among the best in Dhiffushi. The guestrooms feature desks, parquet floors, comfortable bedding, and private bathrooms. The fact that the staff is friendly and always willing to assist with any of your needs is equally significant.  

Ameera Maldives

Ameera Maldives is located close to the bikini beaches in the southeast of the island. It provides spacious rooms with wooden floors, air conditioning, TV, kettles, and private showers. In addition, the décor exudes an island-like natural feel. The use of cultural artifacts and sustainable materials gives the area a distinctive appearance. Excellent food is served at Ameera's on-site restaurant from dawn until dusk. 

Crown Beach Villas

Crown Beach Villas

Adjacent to Kite Beach and Dhiffushi Beach in the picturesque northern part of the island, Crown Beach Villas occupies a prime location. The property features a restaurant, a fitness center, and private beach access. There is a shared lounge and courtyard, room service, and a 24-hour reception among the shared amenities. The accommodations are equally charming and feature a private bathroom, air conditioning, a minibar, and a flat-screen TV. The Maldives is known for having some of the most breathtaking sunsets on earth, so their double bedroom with a balcony and views of the setting sun is definitely worth the price.

Infinity Dhiffushi

 In Dhiffushi, Infinity is nestled amidst an enormous cluster of guesthouses. Tourists particularly like the northern part of the island, where most lodging is located. Slightly more upscale, Infinity offers a garden, a shared lounge, a 24-hour front desk, an on-site restaurant, and bike rentals. Even if you'd like to go on any excursions, the hotel staff can assist with planning them. They also offer a pick-up and drop-off service to the harbor. The spacious, modern rooms at Infinity Dhiffushi come equipped with minibars, air conditioning, TVs, cabinets, and en suite showers.   

Araamu Holidays & Spa

Those who would rather stay in hotels in Dhiffushi than guesthouses should reserve a room at Araamu. Situated in the heart of the island, this three-star establishment features a restaurant, gift shop, games room, spa, and activity area. This lovely hotel, which is close to the beach, features all the amenities of a contemporary home. Extra praise should be given to Araamu's clean and spacious bedrooms. Features like air conditioning, TVs, big bathrooms with showers and jacuzzis, and balconies contribute to a wonderful stay. Finally, the staff is always accommodating and willing to assist with any needs you may have. 

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