Complete guide to gaafaru Island, Maldives in 2024

 The Maldives is an archipelago with almost 1,192 islands and 3.14% of the planet's coral reefs. Home to white sand sea shores, glasslike blue waters, and influencing palms, the nation offers travelers an unparalleled chance to investigate nature and marine life. Separated into public and confidential islands, Maldives is currently an optimal location for both rich and financial plan trips.

In 2009, the specialists opened public islands for worldwide visitors. Travelers can now effectively design less expensive stays on occupied islands where they can submerge themselves in the Maldivian way of life.

Gaafaru is one such objective. A genuine unlikely treasure of a possessed island, in Gaafaru, you'll get to associate with local people and find out about provincial traditions while partaking in a separated occasion.

About Gaafaru

Gaafaru is a Maldivian public island still inconspicuous of most travelers. Arranged 62.03 Km north of the Malé, the island is somewhat more straightforward to reach and accordingly inclines toward financial plan well disposed explorers.

Gaafaru's region ranges 0.163 Km², and the island has around 1400 occupants. Most local people acquire from fishing; notwithstanding, the travel industry is acquiring conspicuousness recently.

Encircled by a reef and 30 meters tidal pond, Gaafaru lies on the eastern side of the Kaafu Atoll. The island's "Burulu Falhu" tidal pond is the second biggest in the Maldives, renowned for its turtle populace.

Implanted in a small atoll of a similar name, Gaafaru is broadly known as the 'gem of the Kaafu atoll.' That is on the grounds that Gaafaru's situation in the gathering of islands looks like a pendant in a neckband.

Viewed as one of the cleanest islands, Gaafaru is an ideal spot for explorers needing to appreciate quality ocean side time as well as marine vegetation. Given the island's scant populace, it is a reasonable choice for guests hoping to encounter credible Maldivian culture.

Gaafaru island

Painted in strong, particular shades like lilac, orange, and blue, most homes on this island are dynamic by all accounts. Besides, Gaafaru is in closeness to two shoals, where you can go during the day for a confidential lunch and a dip.

Gaafaru, in contrast to some of the more remote inhabited islands, has all of the necessary amenities. For travelers, Blue Shelter Store and 4S Workmanship are shops from where you can get privately made gifts. There are also a few general stores on the island that sell everyday household goods.

Furthermore, the is a school, wellbeing focus, drug store, youth club, jungle gym, futsal field, and a youngsters' park in Gaafaru.

You won't track down an ATM at present on the island. A few spots acknowledge Visas, however it is ideal to convey cash, either USD or Maldivian Rufiyaa. A couple of guesthouses in Gaafaru offer cash evolving administrations. On the other hand, upon arrival at Velana International Airport, you will experience a better conversion rate.

Instructions to arrive at Gaafaru

Similarly as with most islands close to Malé, there are two primary vehicle choices to visit Gaafaru. The most important factors when deciding between public and private transportation are your time and financial resources.

Shared speedboat

Vella Express and Dream Speed are the speedboat choices presently, charging $35 per traveler. The excursion from Malé to Gaafaru takes about 60 to 75 minutes. Normally, the boat departs from breakwater six around 3:30 consistently with the exception of Fridays. The speedboat from Gaafaru to Malé leaves the island at 7:30 AM. 

Confidential speedboat

Confidential speed boats are accessible for visitors wishing to go on their timetable. The admission is around $200 ($100 per individual for two individuals and $50 per individual for four individuals) for the 75-minute excursion. The price can go up to $500 for one way if you have to travel in bad weather.

Public ship

The least expensive choice to arrive at Gaafaru is by MTCC ship. One side excursion cost just $5. However, the travel time increases to more than three hours. Even though ferries are larger and travel at a slower pace, they are not the best choice if you quickly develop seasickness. The ships leave Malé ship port on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays at 11:00 AM. The return ship is accessible just on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays, cruising from Gaafaru at 9:00 AM.

Traveling around Gaafaru Gaafaru is a small island that is best explored on foot. Travelers don't have to search for rental bicycles or cruisers and can undoubtedly cover the neighborhood strolling. Also, altogether shrouded in sand, the spot doesn't have motorable streets.

Distance from one side to the next is under a kilometer-long walk and will require around 15-20 minutes

What should be done in Gaafaru

Gaafaru is appropriate for individuals hoping to wander away from swarms while partaking in the best of island life. What should be done in Gaafaru incorporate exemplary Maldivian journeys for certain genuinely select choices.

Swim with turtles

For amateurs, swimming is an incredible method for swimming on the water's surface and notice sea-going life. While swimming in Gaafaru, you're without a doubt to go over ocean turtles close to the house reef, found a short boat ride from the shore. At the point when in the water, do make sure to avoid any turtle or fish families spotted close by.

Go fish

Gaafaru is overwhelmingly a fishing island and offers different open doors for visitors to participate in the neighborhood legacy and custom. After a successful day's fishing, many locals actually set up a barbecue outside their homes on the road.

The most outstanding aspect of visiting a public island is the opportunity to blend with local people. Gaafaru inhabitants are inviting and glad to share data about their island. They are impending while revealing strategies for cooking fish the island way. Besides, sightseers can book a fishing visit with an ocean side grill of their own through most guesthouses in Gaafaru.

Take a dolphin cruise With your family, one of the most enjoyable activities in Gaafaru is to take a dolphin cruise. Vacationers can go on a boat ride for a laidback voyage and watch dolphins play out an interesting show. For a more heartfelt visual experience, choose the drawn out nightfall journey.

Appreciate wreck jumping

Gaafaru has a few wrecks in its area, making it one of the most mind-blowing spots to go scuba making a plunge the Maldives. If coming to the island exclusively for jumping, the best time is from January to May, when the momentum is frail, and there is great submerged perceivability.

Must-visit wreck plunges close to Gaafaru are;

The SS Seagull is the most popular wreck close to the island, situated on the atoll's eastern edge. The 1000-ton steamship was evidently en route to India in 1879 when it went down. Today you can see the anchor at around 6 meters on the highest point of the reef. The remainder of the boat is lying at around 30 meters.

Woman Christine and Erlangen are two additional disaster areas you can visit serenely while remaining in Gaafaru. The previous is a disaster area of a review vessel from 1974. Simultaneously, Erlangen gets its name from the city of the boat's starting point in Germany. The vessel was cruising from Colombo when it met its destiny. Jumpers will find its parts dispersed from 5 meters down to 40 meters.

Loosen up on the Two-piece Ocean side

The island has two sea shores; South Ocean side and Gaafaru Ocean side. Being a Muslim country, the public rules direct vacationers to keep themselves covered while getting a charge out of Gaafaru Ocean side.

Bikini Beach, which is also known as South Beach, is a good option for guests who want to don swimwear. Exclusively implied for vacationers, you can enjoy water sports like kayaking, riding a banana boat, and fly skiing here.

Not at all like Maafushi, the ocean side in Gaafaru is a confined heaven with close to zero sightseers. Additionally, a few thatched umbrellas and loungers on the sand protect you from the sun.

Restaurants on Gaafaru Despite being a small island, Gaafaru has a few places where tourists can get full meals or snacks. There are both independent and guesthouse eateries in Gaafaru.

AMICO The Island Kitchen

Situated towards the focal point of the island, AMICO is at a 300m separation from Gaafaru Ocean side. The foundation serves mainland and Maldivian food, from burgers and seared fish to mas huni and roshi, a blend of fish and ground coconut presented with plain flour flatbread. The eatery has indoor seating. The alfresco courtyard, on the other hand, has a charming rustic cottage vibe because it is dotted with a few plants.

Island Deck

The bistro is one of the greatest structures in Gaafaru. Visitors can enter the seating region by scaling the metal flight of stairs and getting a charge out of picturesque perspectives on the whole island. In addition, guests have access to paid wi-fi and regular BBQ nights. Because Island Deck accepts credit cards, tourists who are short on cash will find it easier to pay. 

Panama Bistro

Featured with radiant red block stylistic layout, Panama Bistro offers a serene feeling for travelers. Working from 6 to 12 AM, the spot serves a variety of tidbits, sodas, and drinks like tea and espresso. Visitors can sit back, stare at the TV in the fundamental seating region, and even charge their electronic gadgets.

The Cut Gaafaru

Found near Gaafaru Ocean side, The Cut is a cooled eat in café serving starters, drinks, and healthy dinners. Their Indian menu incorporates sauce dishes like Chicken Masala and Fish Masala with rice courses like Chicken Biryani and Jeera Rice. In addition, visitors can arrange different pizzas, mocktails, shakes, and pastries. 

Reef Café is a modest establishment that is open from 5:30 a.m. to 12:30 a.m. Reef Cafe is located near the futsal field at Gaafaru. From the ceiling to the walls and furniture, everything in the restaurant is made of wood. Reef Bistro has both ground-level and first-floor seating. The last option offers beautiful perspectives on the environmental factors. Reef Bistro is most popular for its Maldivian short eats and mainland admissions like club sandwiches and French fries.

Best lodgings and guesthouses in Gaafaru

To acquire an on-appearance visa in the Maldives, explorers should show evidence of stay made ahead of time. While visiting a public island, you can book a room in one of the guesthouses.

Despite the fact that guesthouses began opening on islands over 10 years prior, Gaafaru joined the travel industry trend a lot later. Presently, there are a couple of guesthouses and pocket-accommodating lodgings in Gaafaru, promising loose and helpful facilities.

Gaafaru View Hotel

A stay at Gaafaru View Motel is one of the most mind-blowing choices for spending plan explorers in the Maldives. The guesthouse is just a little ways from Two-piece Ocean side, close to quite possibly of the most great tidal pond in the country. Offering free breakfast and wi-fi administrations to all visitors, Gaafaru View Motel is a notable foundation and a top decision for voyagers visiting the island. The Motel has a few room decisions, going from family to twofold and triple rooms. In addition, the location provides free cots for children under the age of three and an additional bed for children aged four to eleven. Moreover, vacationers can profit advantages of toiletries, cash trade administrations, and pressing conveniences.

Mariana Hotel

Situated in the span of brief's separation from Gaafaru Ocean side, Mariana Hotel is a 3-star guesthouse with fundamental conveniences like everyday housekeeping, 24-hour room administration, and free wi-fi. Here, visitors can book a comfortable cooled grand twofold, choice triple, vacation twofold, or fourfold family room. In addition, for an additional fee, the Mariana Inn offers airport transfers from 3:30 p.m. to 7 a.m. Marina Hotel is particularly known for its liberal breakfast.

Old Town Hotel

Old Town Hotel is a wheelchair-open property with clean family rooms, a common parlor, and a nursery. Planned with moderate wooden stylistic theme, rooms incorporate offices like a wellbeing store box, cloths, forced air system, flatscreen televisions, fridge, and tea/espresso creator. This guesthouse in Gaafaru additionally has an in-house eatery that acknowledges outside visitors. The agreeable staff at Old Town Motel assists vacationers with arranging open air diversion exercises like sailing, fishing, paddling, swimming, and plunging.

Milestone Hotel

Situated in the focal point of Gaafaru, Milestone Hotel is a 4-star property, near every significant fascination and a 2-minute stroll from the two sea shores. Despite the fact that the registration time is early afternoon, visitors can demand an alternate time in light of their landing in the island. The rooms are straightforward, with just the vital furnishings. Some have a little sitting region outside. Breakfast at Milestone Motel is exceptional, with a few choices, including mainland and Asian halal feasts. 

Mirian Sky Lodging

Laid out in 2016, Mirian Sky incorporates an eatery, eight comfortable rooms, and two galleries with an ocean side view. The rooms accompany flatscreen televisions, climate control systems, beds with side tables, and en-suite restrooms. The island's Bikini Beach can be reached in a few minutes from here. Sightseers can additionally contact the proprietors for administrations like travel, proposition meals, wedding festivities, and birthday celebrations. Since the lodging has an on location eatery, visitors can enjoy Maldivian and intercontinental feasts or have a bar-b-que supper near the ocean.

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